The 5 Steps to Health – 1st Comes Health

The 5 Steps to Health

1) Relief from pain
This important step addresses the immediate distress you are feeling, which is to find the cause of the pain and, through gentle B.E.S.T. treatments, achieve relief. Often the actual cause of the pain is not obvious. Distress that causes interference in your body occurs from three areas: trauma, (injury) toxicity (dietary insufficiency) and thoughts (emotional reaction).

2) Correcting the cause
The path towards permanent relief must include finding the actual cause of the pain or distress. Often, the actual cause is not obvious because pain can be located in one part of the body while the cause may be located in another. Distress that causes interference in your body occurs from three areas: trauma (injury), toxicity (dietary insufficiencies), and thoughts (emotional reactions). In all cases, the actual cause of pain or distress must be identified and addressed. Otherwise symptoms will return.

3) Living healthy
Once the cause of distress and pain has been discovered and addressed, changes in the living habits that caused the symptoms in the first place must be addressed. This may involve dietary and physical exercise changes. These changes enable you to realize the benefits of a healthy life.

4) Thinking healthy
To start thinking healthy, it is important to address the distress of negative thoughts. Your body operates as a whole, which means whatever affects your physical condition changes your attitudes and feelings. Likewise, the way you feel and think affects your body. When you learn to think healthy as well as live healthy, you address the whole person.

5) Staying healthy
Now that pain has been relieved, the causes addressed, and we have learned how to live and think healthy, we are prepared to stay healthy. However, this does not occur automatically. We must always be alert to the fact that it is easy to go back to old habits and living patterns. But because we have taken the correct steps, we are now ready to stay healthy and achieve the benefits of permanent good health.